Operator's FAQ

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What versions of In The Groove hardware are there?

In The Groove hardware comes in two versions:


Dedicated Cabinet

A brand-new In The Groove dance machine. Comes ready to play with In The Groove and top quality hardware produced by Andamiro (http://www.andamiro.com).


Conversion Kit

This kit can be applied to existing dance cabinets. The conversion kit includes:

  • Boxor main processing unit
  • replacement marquee
  • external memory card box
  • replacement sticker kit
  • manual

How do I upgrade In The Groove software?

New versions of In The Groove software can upgrade any hardware version. An upgrade kit includes:

To install the new In The Groove hard disk:

Is there any way to transfer scores from one hard drive to the other?

Yes. The USB memory card hub must be plugged in and working. Here's how:

How do I find the ITG serial number of my machine?

See our ITG serial number instructions.

How do I access the BIOS on my ITG machine?

The system BIOS is pre-configured, and is not user-servicable. With the exception of official upgrade patches, any alteration to the In The Groove software will void your warranty.

Does ITG work with bill acceptors?

Yes. Be sure to set your bill acceptor setting for "delay between pulses" to a value greater than 100ms. The ITG software requires that there be 50ms or more between pulses. Consult your bill acceptor manual for how to change your unit's settings.

With 5 volts up there on that USB port, is there an in-line fuse so that customers cannot cause a serious board malfunction?

Yes. The USB hub has over-current protection, so the most you'd need to replace is the USB hub.

Can music be brought in from the outside and played on the machine?

Yes. With Maching Update r21 and newer, players can bring in their own Custom Songs on a USB drive.